Ray Broscovak

Jenny is a genuine, attentive, and knowledgeable instructor. Her use of traditional Pilates and MAT allow her to provide a fitness program that is uniquely benifical to each individual. Jenny has helped me reinforce proper athletic posture, increase mobility, address and reverse injuries, and build real core strength. I enjoy working with Jenny and would recommend anyone interested in fitness or Pilates to pay her a visit.

Heather Bunn

The woman is amazing! I have been working with Jenny for about 6 years and swear she is like an anti-aging machine. Whatever my body comes up with as an excuse to not do the work, Jenny fixes and then we are back at it. It is absolutely the best thing I have ever done for my dressage riding. Since I now spend way more time at a desk or board room than on the horse it has been critical to my core, my coordination and my posture.

Pam Fischer

Only 5 stars? I’d give a lot more. Jenny keeps me strong, focused, engaged and surprisingly “feeling it in a good way” with every single pilates session. She keeps my body’s limitations in mind even as she pushes me to achieve greater strength and mobility. She never lets up on the intensity but cares deeply for all of her clients. I am so much stronger than I ever thought would be possible, and I owe it all to her.


I’ve been getting MAT from Jenny for a couple years now. She’s done an amazing job helping me. I have some unique upper-back problems. Jenny has been very pro-active in learning new techniques and finding new methods to address the issues. She’s super-flexible about scheduling appointments and is quick to respond to questions or concerns. I also like that she always follows-up to see how I’m doing after a strenuous session.

Lorrie McKay

I found Vajra Pilates and Jenny over five years ago, when I was in my late forties and I was experiencing pain doing some of the most basic daily things… like putting pants on! In working with Jenny at Vajra, it didn’t take long to regain my core strength so that I no longer experience pain. I feel great! Pilates has truly given me a new lease on my body! Jenny is thoughtful, professional, encouraging and fun to work with. I recommend Vajra Pilates at every opportunity.

Cindy, Mother, Redmond

I have really enjoyed working with Jenny for the last two years. I guess the most interesting/positive aspect for me is that she always pushes me a bit harder than I would myself. There are many times that she showed me something new and I thought I’d never be able to do that. I feel a lot stronger and more confidence in what my body can do after doing Pilates with her. Pilates is a nice compliment to my running and other workout!

Joanne, Mother, Bellevue

Probably the most significant benefits from doing Pilates with Jenny has been a much improved posture and greater awareness of my body – not only during the sessions but throughout the activities of my daily life.

Sharon, MD, Redmond

When I first began, I didn’t think much was happening but I kept going because Jenny made it fun and challenging. Then my body started ‘getting it’ and now I am stronger and more toned. There are always new muscles being awakened. Pilates is a steady, progressive, kind-to-your-muscles approach for getting fit.”

Rachel, Acupuncturist, Bothell

Jenny is kind, but also pushes people to work hard. She is very focused and gets down to business. She pays very close attention to detail. She is extremely good at seeing where one’s body needs to adjust in order to do an exercise properly. She adjusts a class or lesson to fit the needs of the people in it and doesn’t stick with one certain routine or set of exercises.

Sharon Hempler

I have been with Jenny at Vajra Pilates for many years. She was my initial instructor and I have occasionally tried other instructors but I have always migrated back to Jenny. She has a thorough understanding of anatomy and she has helped me through back, shoulder, hip, and knee difficulties. Jenny is well trained and experienced, not only in Pilates, but also MAT (muscle activation training), both of which have benefited me. Jenny makes working out fun and she has my highest recommendation.

Eric Postle

Jenny is a great trainer. She has tremendous knowledge and experience that she applies with clients. I highly recommend Jenny!

Geri, Bellevue

Hobbled and needing a knee replacement at 73 I knew I would have to get as strong as possible before surgery several months in the future. Jenny’s extensive training in muscle activation techniques and Pilates helped her design a strength/fitness program to whip me into shape. Twice a week sessions and religiously following her strength plan at home helped me breeze through surgery. Quickly, amazing my doctor, I hobbled back in to Jenny to speed me through rehab. My new balanced really strong body is a daily joy. I had had some neck and other knee arthritis pains before seeing Jenny. One day I realized I had no more pains and my energy and endurance dramatically improved. I have been working with Jenny weekly for 21/2 years and I can now, at 74, easily lift my 69 # German Shepherd into the bath tub! But, wait, there is more: brick-wall flat abs, no muffin top, inches off thighs, goodbye Spanx. Thank you, Jenny!

Jill McKechnie Hartley

I’m in great health thanks to Jenny Miller. This year, I made it to my daughter’s college graduation WITHOUT knee pain. This was a far cry from when I moved her into her dorm nearly four years ago — when I hobbled around, barely able to walk. The miracle I experienced, after getting a surgery recommendation from my Orthopedic Dr. And physical therapist, is 100% due to the superb MAT (muscle activation technique) treatment given to me by Jenny which she combined with a personalized Pilates plan. Jenny is a licensed MAT specialist in addition to her Pilates credentials. I wanted to give MAT a try before committing to surgery. After several months of hard work, I started to heal. She is amazingly talented and thanks to Jenny, I’m now able to exercise regularly. Without a doubt, I totally recommend you try MAT if you have a chronic problem and combine it with a customized Pilates workout created by Jenny. I’m forever grateful.

Lanita, Horse Groomer, Duvall

My experience working with Jenny has been very pleasurable. I have so far had great teachings from her. I feel I can relate well with her and I feel she is a good teacher. The most interesting point for me has been learning Pilates as really I had never heard of it before the last two to three years of working with her on and off. I love the positive results my body gets from Pilates even at this time of only taking one mat class per week. My body gets great results working with Jenny. I really enjoy the feeling of strengthening my core muscles. It is so amazing to me that something like Pilates can do so much for a body. I have worked hours per week in the gym in the past and not had the kind of results I get from Pilates. I feel a much more intimate and personal experience in the studio. I went for several classes at this other studio and just didn’t feel like I really mattered. I would recommend Jenny to other people and have because I feel like she really cares and really wants to help people. She is a great teacher and is very good about explaining what we are doing in class. Correct form is important to me and she is very good about pointing things out to avoid injury. I like that she listens to my needs and the needs of others in mat class.

Geri, Bellevue

At 72, I decided to have my painful left knee replaced. Because of the pain I had not been able to exercise for five years. To get into shape for surgery I went to Jenny at Vajra Pilates and Muscle Activation two months prior to surgery, 2 times per week. I liked that she was part of the Muscle Activation Technique team at the Athletic Training Institute which had all the knowledge and strength machines necessary to get one into shape. Jenny tested me and I had some good muscles and some that hadn’t been used in 10 years. As a result I was “skinny-flabby.” She designed a program to make me strong and balanced. As a result, surgery went well, and I was back rehabbing with Jenny very soon after. My plan was to quit after I recovered outstanding flexion in my new knee. However, I just loved how my body felt and looked, so I have continued with 2 lessons per week for the past 7 months. My calves had new definition, my dancer legs are back, my waist has whittled, and my abs are brick-wall flat. Not that that is important, but I feel fit, strong, agile and pain free. I have osteoarthritis in my other knee, some in each hip, and neck. All I know is that with my new strong body I no longer have those aches and pains. OA never goes away, but you can keep it under control. Being whole-body strong for me means a pain-free active life. It really is a new lease on life! The older you get, the more time you need to spend keeping your body in shape.

Toni Fielder

Jenny is part of my health care “dream team”. I’ve been seeing her regularly for over three years and have no plans to stop. I found Jenny while searching for a Pilates after my chiropractor suggested it might help with some of my issues (I had a lot). I was hesitant because I had tried what I thought was Pilates many times in the past and it never seemed to “work” for me. I just couldn’t do it! Then I met Jenny. (spoiler alert – Pilates “classes” are NOT the same as 1-1 with Jenny). Jenny is an extremely talented, very impressive individual. Whether you need Pilates, nutrition advice, help reaching personal fitness goals, help recovering from an injury or the miracles of MAT, Jenny is amazing and can help. It’s never a cookie cutter workout, always tailored to what your body (and mind) needs or can handle that day. Jenny is attentive as she guides and observes your form, noticing issues and adjusting you or the exercise before you even realize something might be off. I can’t say enough positive things about Jenny and would be happy to be a reference if you have any questions. “This is a picture of me and one of my partners” I still look at the picture and can’t believe I am doing it – and it isn’t even the hardest move she throws at us! I am so much stronger and healthier than when I first met Jenny.

Diane, Office Manager, Bellevue

Jenny’s Pilates class was recommended to me by my massage therapist. I recently had shoulder surgery and wanted to strengthen the muscles surrounding that area. I had no prior experience with Pilates before working with Jenny. Her class has had a profound effect on my life. I was surprised to find out that Pilates is not just exercise but a discipline to incorporate into your life. It’s helping me to strengthen and tone my muscles, to improve my flexibility and most importantly, to correct my posture. Jenny is a wonderful instructor who creates a very positive and welcoming atmosphere in her exercise studio. She is able to teach each movement precisely, giving constant feedback as to how to master each exercise. Each class is challenging and fun. I enjoy each week with her and can’t wait for the next class!


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