December 23, 2015


At 72, I decided to have my painful left knee replaced. Because of the pain I had not been able to exercise for five years. To get into shape for surgery I went to Jenny at Vajra Pilates and Muscle Activation two months prior to surgery, 2 times per week. I liked that she was part of the Muscle Activation Technique team at the Athletic Training Institute which had all the knowledge and strength machines necessary to get one into shape. Jenny tested me and I had some good muscles and some that hadn’t been used in 10 years. As a result I was “skinny-flabby.” She designed a program to make me strong and balanced. As a result, surgery went well, and I was back rehabbing with Jenny very soon after.

My plan was to quit after I recovered outstanding flexion in my new knee. However, I just loved how my body felt and looked, so I have continued with 2 lessons per week for the past 7 months. My calves had new definition, my dancer legs are back, my waist has whittled, and my abs are brick-wall flat. Not that that is important, but I feel fit, strong, agile and pain free. I have osteoarthritis in my other knee, some in each hip, and neck. All I know is that with my new strong body I no longer have those aches and pains. OA never goes away, but you can keep it under control. Being whole-body strong for me means a pain-free active life. It really is a new lease on life! The older you get, the more time you need to spend keeping your body in shape.

Geri, Bellevue

I enjoy working with Jenny. Doing Pilates with her is the only physical class I go to without thinking: “I don’t want to go today”. I just go and know I will enjoy my class and get great benefit from it. It is easy to talk to her. She has helped me develop more body awareness and she has given me the room to listen to my body and acknowledge its needs. She never pushes me and she respects what my body tells us.

I personally love all the laying down while working out! It is a very simple, deep and powerful approach and the results are amazing. I also like the fact that I can work on any part of my body while still using my core. I can shape my legs while shaping my deep abdominals. Pilates is foundational to any type of physical activity.

At first I quickly realized that I had a very week core, I was not using my abdominals and my shoulders were compensating. My posture was horrible (hunched over?) and my back could get hurt easily. My posture is straight and looks great now. My abdominals are strong and can support a lot of the work my body does. They also happen to look great too!

I recommend her services. I think the one on one is crucial, especially at first. I think she is very good and bring awareness into the work which is very important. She is open to and wants feedback on how to improve her practice. She always looks first at my posture when she sees me. She is in tune to my body. She is very concerned for my body’s well being. She can recommend other good professionals, like chiropractors or massage therapists when appropriate, she works with the client meaning that she tailors the sessions to our specific needs and she follows up making sure the body is fine. She is there for us, to serve us and does not put herself in the picture ego wise. She is very attentive and present during the sessions.

Sandrine, Actress/Mother, Bellevue


Neglecting exercise for years, birthing children, sitting at a computer all day – the attention of a good Pilates instructor is the only thing I’ve found that even begins to address the retraining my body needed. Add in some restrictive medical issues, and yet more skill and patience is required. Jenny is more than a good instructor, she is a superb one. She works with my body where it is, always holds the highest vision of where it can be, and together we’re making progress.

Karen, Software Engineer, Redmond





I have been practicing Pilates for three years; the longest that I have been consistent with any sport, and I believe this is thanks to Jenny. We first met at a studio where she used to teach, where soon after I started I requested her permanently, as I saw that she was the best teacher. You can always expect new challenges from Jenny’s work yet she’s very attentive to one’s body. Up until four days before my second child, I was still doing Pilates. Now a year later, my body is stronger than ever. I’m sure my Pilates with Jenny is the reason for feeling so good with my body.


Michael, Architect, Bellevue


I am returning to Pilates after a 20 yr hiatus. The return was necessary to help in overcoming chronic debilitating low back spasms. Jenny came highly recommended by my massage therapist. Jenny’s careful insight has brought about significant improvement in my well being. The Pilates exercises are one of a number of healing techniques I have embraced in order to avoid back problems. The setting of the studio is a plus. I can honestly say that reconnecting with Pilates has been one of the smartest decisions I’ve made in a long time in taking charge of my health.

Barb, Sales Rep, Kirkland


My experience working with Jenny has been very pleasurable. I have so far had great teachings from her. I feel I can relate well with her and I feel she is a good teacher.

The most interesting point for me has been learning Pilates as really I had never heard of it before the last two to three years of working with her on and off. I love the positive results my body gets from Pilates even at this time of only taking one mat class per week.

My body gets great results working with Jenny. I really enjoy the feeling of strengthening my core muscles. It is so amazing to me that something like Pilates can do so much for a body. I have worked hours per week in the gym in the past and not had the kind of results I get from Pilates.

I feel a much more intimate and personal experience in the studio. I went for several classes at this other studio and just didn’t feel like I really mattered.

I would recommend Jenny to other people and have because I feel like she really cares and really wants to help people. She is a great teacher and is very good about explaining what we are doing in class. Correct form is important to me and she is very good about pointing things out to avoid injury. I like that she listens to my needs and the needs of others in mat class.

Lanita, Horse Groomer, Duvall


Jenny’s Pilates class was recommended to me by my massage therapist. I recently had shoulder surgery and wanted to strengthen the muscles surrounding that area. I had no prior experience with Pilates before working with Jenny. Her class has had a profound effect on my life. I was surprised to find out that Pilates is not just exercise but a discipline to incorporate into your life. It’s helping me to strengthen and tone my muscles, to improve my flexibility and most importantly, to correct my posture.

Jenny is a wonderful instructor who creates a very positive and welcoming atmosphere in her exercise studio. She is able to teach each movement precisely, giving constant feedback as to how to master each exercise. Each class is challenging and fun. I enjoy each week with her and can’t wait for the next class!

Diane, Office Manager, Bellevue


I have really enjoyed working with Jenny for the last two years. I guess the most interesting/positive aspect for me is that she always pushes me a bit harder than I would myself. There are many times that she showed me something new and I thought I’d never be able to do that. I feel a lot stronger and more confidence in what my body can do after doing Pilates with her. Pilates is a nice compliment to my running and other workout!

Cindy, Mother, Redmond


Jenny is kind, but also pushes people to work hard. She is very focused and gets down to business. She pays very close attention to detail. She is extremely good at seeing where one’s body needs to adjust in order to do an exercise properly. She adjusts a class or lesson to fit the needs of the people in it and doesn’t stick with one certain routine or set of exercises.

Rachel, Acupuncturist, Bothell


Probably the most significant benefits from doing Pilates with Jenny has been a much improved posture and greater awareness of my body – not only during the sessions but throughout the activities of my daily life.

Joanne, Mother, Bellevue


Jenny is innovative, skillful and caring in her teaching. She never fails to find new (and fun!) ways to give me a good workout. She is sensitive to the quirks of my body and is always looking for ways to improve my functioning. Working with Jenny is a delight–I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to do Pilates.

Leslie, Realtor, Woodinville


When I first began, I didn’t think much was happening but I kept going because Jenny made it fun and challenging. Then my body started ‘getting it’ and now I am stronger and more toned. There are always new muscles being awakened. Pilates is a steady, progressive, kind-to-your-muscles approach for getting fit.”

Sharon, MD, Redmond